What Is CrowdDoing?

CrowdDoing was co-founded by Advance Social Innovation and Reframe It. CrowdDoing extends the opportunity to collaborate in support of social innovation and social enterprise to a global virtual population. Through conference calls, human resource business partners, agile project management, and research CrowdDoing helps address social innovation gaps through supporting curated and assessed social innovations and social enterprises.

How Does It Work?

CrowdDoing leverages micro-leadership, service learning, and virtual collaboration to allow volunteers from around the world to collaborate to support social innovations and social enterprises that have an impact potential that is transformative. CrowdDoing assesses each social innovation to understand its critical path, to identify leverage points for shared value scaling, and for global volunteers to collaborate across disciplinary lines to support social innovations progressing in service of the interest of all stakeholders.

What Are The Benefits?

Every volunteer can collaborate with other volunteers in service of social innovation, supporting underrepresented communities and social issues while strengthening or developing skills sets by collaboratively leveraging Sustainable Development Goal impact analysis, machine learning, & data science, crypto/blockchain expertise.

Advance Social Innovation is not accepting new applications from Social Enterprise for its CrowdDoing program until further notice.