“LevelUp” is ASI’s Skilled-volunteering and Service-learning Program which is offered to our corporate partners. The main objective of the program is to provide opportunities for social impact by employers and employees of partner corporations.

2020+ Focus

Inclusive Entrepreneurship 

We are inviting corporations and organizations that are passionate to promote Diversity and Inclusion as part of their social impact (especially to create an inclusive entrepreneurship in US) to join us. 

How It Works?

  • We invite you or you ask for invitation

Together with our coalition partners at “IncludeUs” initiative, we will extend invitations to selected corporate partners to join the initiative.

  • Sign up to join

Once you have joined our initiative as a coalition partner, your Head of HR will be contacted by our “LevelUp” program team to discuss how your corporation can achieve its social impact goals.

  • We match Impact and Skilled Volunteering

This is where our team will learn how you would like to develop social impact while providing skilled-volunteering as an effective learning tool for your employees.

Note: Our skilled volunteers support complex social and business initiatives with potential for high-impact. Check out past success stories HERE

Want to receive an invitation? Click HERE