Welcome to “IncludeUs” Initiative

An open coalition of partners Supporting Inclusive Entrepreneurship and Reformed Capitalism

Introducing the IncludeUs Initiative

ASI is excited to bring together leaders and innovators from public and private organizations to work towards a common goal of supporting social good and diverse entrepreneurship. This community of corporations, investors, artists, and passionate supporters will collectively support our mission by offering capital, collaboration, mentorship, etc.

Our IncludeUs campaign aims to increase funding from 3% to 10% for female and minority entrepreneurs in the U.S. by 2025.

We will focus on funding for startups across the categories of:

  •         Affordable and Sustainable Housing
  •         Future Workforce Training
  •         Health Care
  •         Education
  •         Care for Our Aging Population

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IncludeUs Coalition

We are reaching out to experts, innovators, investors, companies, and organizations that share our passion to develop an inclusive entrepreneurship. 

Together with our partners we want to examine new technologies, models, and approaches to increase access to resources for women and minority innovators and entrepreneurs.  

Community Building

We are inviting corporate partners as part of our coalition to help us build a strong community of supporters and volunteers through a Skilled-Volunteering program.

Our corporate partners provide skilled volunteers or other type of support so the coalition can achieve its mission and objectives.

Events and Actions

We are developing events to facilitate exchange of information and resources among partners and supporters. We intend to develop a comprehensive action plan to support objectives of the coalition.

We are also inviting musicians and artists to join our coalition to directly support women and minority entrepreneurs and innovators.

Inviting Change Makers

We are partnering with incubators, investors, and others to identify women and minority entrepreneurs and innovators that are developing high-impact startups.

The goal is to provide human and financial capital as well as host of other resources to help them scale their operations and outreach.