Success Stories

We are making a difference for more than 100 organizations, and our impact continues to grow.

ASI CrowdDoing

Business for America is a nonpartisan network of business leaders working to advance policy and technology solutions to strengthen democracy and modernize government. Advanced Social Innovation’s CrowdDoing volunteers provide a suite of web strategy and development services, and they join brainstorming sessions and share ideas to achieve major milestones.


Social Impact for Arcimoto

Arcimoto is a start-up company developing tandem two-seat, three-wheeled electric motorcycles.  Its prototype, the SRK (now FUV), has generated tremendous buzz in social media.  Arcimoto needed to communicate its value and potential to potential investors. For this task, CrowdDoing assembled a team of financial analysts, technology consultant, investment analysts, and data analysts, to conduct a thorough analysis of multiple aspects of the recreational/functional electrical vehicle market. The ASI team synthesized their analysis into a social impact report for Arcimoto, which included market assessments, analysis of social impact and the effect of government incentives, as well as relevant information on Arcimoto.                                                    



TolaData a division of Humanitec is proud to be part of the Data for Good movement which encourages the use of data in a meaningful way to solve humanitarian issues globally. TolaData is a team of Monitoring and Evaluation experts who build software to simplify the way you manage and track projects across their lifecycle. By helping organizations adopt standards and remotely monitor project activities in real-time makes it easier for frontline staff to spend less time collecting data and more time improving projects that matter. ASI has partnered with TolaData team to assist in collecting KPI data which measures the progress and success of various grants across social sector, builds out databases to house the data, and then developing an easy-to-use UI for stakeholders to query the database.